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About Alpha Yoga School

Modern yoga training anchored in traditional wisdom.

Join 200 hours Foundational and 300 hours Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Courses in Europe-Greece and India-Goa.

This is the Alpha Yoga Method...

Some yoga teacher training programs prevent yoga enthusiasts from:

  • Growing in their yoga practice safely
  • Fulfilling their yoga teacher ambitions and dreams
  • Finding the deeper meaning of yoga
  • Establishing balance and permanent change in their lives

Then what do you need to check for to be confident that the yoga training will meet your expectations before you commit all the time and money?

Check and see students' testimonials and how accessible the yoga school is. 

Call them. Talk to the yoga school founders or the lead teachers. Try to schedule a video call with them.

Ask questions. If they are hard to reach during the time of selling, it won't get much different once you're sold.

All you need is a guide...

Meet the Alpha Yoga Team

Martin Sittek, founder of Alpha Yoga School

Martin Sittek

Co-Founder, Teacher

Joanna Vladescu | Alpha Yoga School

Joanna Vladescu

Co-Founder, Teacher

Jamie Blakely

Meditation, Philosophy & Anatomy Teacher in 200hr and 300hr YTT

Aris Papas

Aris Papas

Ashtanga Yoga Teacher in 200hr YTT

Danni smiling in yoga pose

Danni Cullen

Ashtanga Yoga Teacher in 200hr YTT

Nathalie Grahlert

Vinyasa Yoga Teacher in 200hr and 300hr YTT

Rachel Berryman profile photo in black and white

Rachel Berryman

Lead Yoga Teacher in the 300-hr YTT in August

Sandy Boutros wearing black clothes, meditating

Sandy Boutros

Meditation and Philosophy Yoga Teacher in 300hr YTT

Sean Pepper

Vinyasa Yoga teacher in the 200hr YTT

Leah Sugerman

Vinyasa Yoga teacher in the 300hr YTT starting 18th Sept 2024

Sudha Iyer

Yoga Teacher in the 300-hr YTT

This is how we do it...

At Alpha Yoga School we talk face to face with all of our students and provide them with tips on how to choose the yoga training that is right for what they need.

Most importantly, we welcome them to speak to our previous students who completed our training and watch their video testimonials.

If you were looking for yoga teacher training and someone you asked suggested Alpha Yoga School, there would be no need for you to read this.

Everything you need to know about Yoga Training

Recognized certification so that you can teach worldwide.

All our programs are registered with Yoga Aliance U.S.A. and Yoga Alliance Professionals U.K.

Yoga Alliance logos

Location, location, location? Not exactly...

We recognize the temptation to travel to Bali or India. We appreciate that the location seems like the most important. We promise you, it’s not. Arguably, the most important factor to consider is the teachers. And whether or not you resonate with the course content. Many schools offer one or the other; a great location or great teachers. Very few yoga schools offer both.

Training in India can be amazing. But it can also be really disappointing. Even the most exotic locations cannot make up for poorly taught courses.

Most, if not all, reputable teachers that specialize in training students to become yoga instructors in Europe have spent some amount of their yoga training in India, and often teach in both western and the eastern hemisphere. In fact, those attending yoga instructor training in India and Bali are usually trained by European teachers.

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It's more about the teachers...

Your time on the course will sometimes be physically tiring, and mentally challenging. By contrast, your teachers should be experienced, inspiring, and supportive.

At Alpha Yoga School we have a team of exceptional teachers who just so happen to conduct training programs in some of the most beautiful and romantic locations in the East and the West, including yoga teacher training courses in India as well. But that is not the point here. The point is to make sure to research the teachers on the course. Have a look at our teachers as well.

Long story short…you are not compromising at all on the experience and level of your teachers by choosing to do your yoga instructor training f.e. in Europe. And be wary of the common myth that the best yoga teachers are Indian or teach yoga in India.

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So, how do you know that you are ready? The simple answer is, you never do, not until you try. Every journey must start somewhere. Things worth learning, take time.

You will be offered the tools, safe space, and opportunities to practice and teach. You will receive detailed feedback on how to improve.

All you need to do is try, make mistakes, learn, adapt, repeat.

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Our 3-step process...

Has proven to create exceptional results

We realize that the end of the training is just the beginning of your yoga journey. For this reason, we invite you to join our graduate cohort. An online group where new and experienced yoga teachers discuss and contemplate things relevant to their practice and their teaching.

Even before the course has begun you will have contact with the lead teachers. Even more, will have access to suggested pre-reading and selected recorded video content to prepare yourself for the 200-hour YTT or 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training.

Because you have already prepared your body and mind, your entry point into the training is higher than at other yoga schools. All our on-location courses combine live classes and lectures. This provides you with the necessary teacher and peer interaction during the on-location yoga teacher training.

You will be offered access to our 200-hour ONLINE yoga teacher training video content and digital resources which you can revisit at any time after the course ends. This gives you the opportunity to revisit the information in your own time. This creates a more versatile and flexible learning experience.

Real people, real experience...

Find our testimonials here:

I could not wish for a better Yoga Teacher Training. I am so grateful for the opportunity to study with the best yoga teachers. They supported us and motivated us during the whole yoga training because they wanted us to leave as confident yoga teachers with great skills. We learned about adjustment, alignment, vinyasa sequencing, pranayama techniques...we covered a lot! In one week we were able to self-practice without any previous experience. The location was amazing, with crystal clear sea, great food and nice, clean accommodation. Thank you for everything!"

"An amazing life-changing yoga experience"!Aneta Opletalová, the Czech Republic

The teaching, the people, the food, the glorious view we would get every morning as we practiced yoga, all of it was just divine. I came primarily because I wanted to expand my yoga practice and gain the tools necessary to teach, but also because I really needed to escape the stress and horror of the past few months. What came up time and time again was how soothing this experience had been for all of us. The teacher training gave us all an opportunity to slow down and find our inner strength.

Chiara MaurinoEngland, UK

Martin and Joanna are excellent teachers and have put together the perfect curriculum for you to deepen your practice and become a yoga teacher! I loved the big emphasis on “Adjustments and Alignment”, which I am sure you won’t get most places, at least not in this amount or quality! Definitely the best classes of the course. I loved that morning classes changed between Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow Yoga and how much attention the two teachers paid to evolve your practice. I didn’t practice Ashtanga before I got there and wasn’t sure it was really for me. Martin turned that around! I found that the theoretical classes really opened up to everything behind the physical yoga practice. I would with no doubt recommend this teacher training!

Best yoga teacher training!Signe Eshøj from Denmark

Don't invest before reading this...

9 Important Things to Know Before Choosing the right Yoga Teacher Training Course... for you (Point 4 will really surprise you).

I want to know

First you. Hands up if...

1. You are not interested in teaching yoga right now.

Or ever, and that’s ok. You could be a new yoga enthusiast or a seasoned, dedicated yoga practitioner. But you feel stuck. Progress is slow and it’s hard to stay motivated. The yoga instructors at your studio don't challenge you and following yoga online is just not the same. You want to immerse yourself. You want to delve deeper physically and mentally. You want to know how to practice on your own correctly and safely. You are ready for a transformation and autonomy in your practice.


teacher adjusting a student in upward facing dog
students practicing yoga in Lefkada Island
Photo of a student from the 200-hour YTT in Lefkada, Greece
Hands-on adjustments during the 50-hour yoga course in Greece
Teacher helps student during YTT in Greece

2. You want to teach yoga.

But, you don’t just want to "teach" Yoga. You want to become a great yoga teacher. A yoga instructor with inspiring practice and infectious integrity of the yoga path. The most accomplished yoga teacher you can be.

To do this you are in search of tools and yoga courses. But you are overwhelmed and confused with all the options.


3. You already completed 200-hour yoga teacher training but you still don’t teach.

You are disappointed. Maybe even frustrated, and rightly so. Because the thought of standing at the front of a room full of students is terrifying. Your knowledge feels scattered and unclear. You were not given the right tools for the job. You were not given the needed confidence. The yoga course let you down. You are now seeking inspiration and are ready to take your teaching skills to a whole new level.

Yes, so many yoga teachers and spiritual entrepreneurs we speak with have completed yoga teacher training that was terrible. There, we said it!

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We know how overwhelming choosing the right yoga school can be. We know how concerned you are and how frustrating choosing training and being disappointed in the course can be. We’ve been there ourselves. This is why we take your investment as seriously as we do. This is why, for the last 6 years, we have been obsessed with delivering the best yoga teacher training courses possible. We refuse to let you make the same mistake we did.
Students practicing yoga in the 200hour YTT Europe, Greece
Scorpion yoga pose

Let's be clear...

This is our "Customers' Clarity Agreement", about what you can expect from investing in this yoga teacher training.

At Alpha Yoga School, certificates are not given, they are earned

This training will elevate your practice to a new level and make it independent. You will eradicate bad habits in your practice and amend misalignments. Any misunderstandings about the pose; its benefits, its variations, and its risks will be resolved.

You will dive deep into TWO of the most established and most frequently practiced styles of Yoga in today’s industry. Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga (often referred to as Flow Yoga).

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Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga empowers you with the independence of self-practice. It offers all the benefits of yoga (and more!) in an effective and efficient format. Meaning you can practice anytime, anywhere, without relying on (and paying for) a teacher to guide you. Through repetition of this fixed sequence, you build phenomenal strength and discipline, and your practice transforms at an astonishing rate.

Aside from being the foundational practice of modern-day yoga (Power Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Jivamukti, and Rocket), the set series of postures open, align, strengthen, and purify the body. The movements are done while utilizing deep breathing practice and with a set gazing point. So not only does the practice keep you in amazing shape but these additional aspects allow the practitioner to experience meditation in motion.

It is for this reason, we use Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga as the groundwork for our 200-hour YTTC’s.

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Outside of the set series, a natural inquiry into creating your own “vinyasas” arises.

Vinyasa is the coordination of the breath with the movements of the body. It is the fluid space in between the poses. Whilst Vinyasa yoga can also be dynamic, it doesn’t have to be. It is the perfect style to express your creativity. Vinyasa Flow derives from Ashtanga and builds upon its structure while allowing you to add your temperament, self-expression, and flavor.

​This combination is deliberately chosen to accelerate your own practice and maximize career opportunities. The 200-hour Foundational Yoga Teacher Training prepares you to teach your own Vinyasa flow yoga classes.

On our 300-hr Advanced Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training, you will dive deeper to create and teach students your own master Vinyasa flows, offer alignment advice, and provide hands-on adjustments, all of it correctly, safely, and appropriately.

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We hope you realize that...

Yoga is a lifelong journey.
You cannot learn all there is about Yoga in a single yoga teacher training. Or ever.

You will not learn specialty Yoga such as Pre- or Post-natal, Acro Yoga, Chair Yoga, Cacao or Fire ceremonies, etc. Why? Because you have time in the future to develop your niche. Establishing a strong foundation, and understanding of functional alignment and methods of teaching comes first.

We are not your Gurus and we will never claim to be. We will not tell you what to teach. Because what you teach is up to you. We will teach you how to teach, to the best of your ability. You will not just rehearse and repeat instructions. You will understand the concepts which underline them so that you can develop your own voice as a yoga instructor.

After the course, you do not HAVE to teach. However, we ask you this, if you felt so confident, and capable to teach, would you still be sure to say that you don't want to teach?

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Imagine this...

  • You feel confident with your yoga self-practice. There is value in attending classes in a yoga studio. However, real breakthroughs happen in self-practice. Now you know how to practice safely and correctly at home.
  • ​You no more depend on expensive yoga studios or online subscriptions. You have a clear idea of how to do it on your own. No longer just a yoga student. Now you are a yoga practitioner.
  • ​You teach with authenticity and credibility. You teach what you love and your students love what you teach. You see (and hear) the difference you are making in your students' lives.
  • Your teaching represents you and your brand and attracts students drawn to your yoga knowledge. You authentically stand out as a yoga teacher with a mission.
  • Teaching group classes is just the beginning. With a strong practice and teaching presence, you build a loyal following.
  • You are growing your income by selling your classes, yoga retreats, and online products. You break into a huge smile every time people compliment your yoga class. At last, you can have a job you’re proud of.

Our Promise...

At Alpha Yoga School we change people. Everything we have learned throughout our careers is yours. From the mistakes, we made, to all the international training courses that we attended. All our cards are on the table, no secrets. The moment you invest in the training we are invested in you.

Like it or not, and we hope you like it, you will be participating in your own transformation. Once you finish our yoga training you will have completed a journey, you will be different now and there will be nothing you can’t accomplish if you apply yourself. You will PROVE to yourself that there are a few of life’s problems that can’t be conquered with a little bit of support, strategy, and commitment.

Change is sometimes frightening. But more frightening is never changing.

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Get your learning on...

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200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in Europe-Greece and India-Goa.

Join Foundational Yoga Teacher Training courses in Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow Yoga.

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200hr Hybrid Yoga Teacher Training

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