Alpha Yoga School Reviews

Check out what our students have to say...

Alpha Yoga School Reviews

Check out what our students have to say...

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I could not wish for a better Yoga Teacher Training. I am so grateful for the opportunity to study with the best yoga teachers. They supported us and motivated us during the whole yoga training because they wanted us to leave as confident yoga teachers with great skills. We learned about adjustment, alignment, vinyasa sequencing, pranayama techniques...we covered a lot! In one week we were able to self-practice without any previous experience. The location was amazing, with crystal clear sea, great food and nice, clean accommodation. Thank you for everything!"

"An amazing life-changing yoga experience"!Aneta Opletalová, the Czech Republic

The teaching, the people, the food, the glorious view we would get every morning as we practiced yoga, all of it was just divine. I came primarily because I wanted to expand my yoga practice and gain the tools necessary to teach, but also because I really needed to escape the stress and horror of the past few months. What came up time and time again was how soothing this experience had been for all of us. The teacher training gave us all an opportunity to slow down and find our inner strength.

Chiara MaurinoEngland, UK

Martin and Joanna are excellent teachers and have put together the perfect curriculum for you to deepen your practice and become a yoga teacher! I loved the big emphasis on “Adjustments and Alignment”, which I am sure you won’t get most places, at least not in this amount or quality! Definitely the best classes of the course. I loved that morning classes changed between Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow Yoga and how much attention the two teachers paid to evolve your practice. I didn’t practice Ashtanga before I got there and wasn’t sure it was really for me. Martin turned that around! I found that the theoretical classes really opened up to everything behind the physical yoga practice. I would with no doubt recommend this teacher training!

Best yoga teacher training!Signe Eshøj from Denmark

Joanna, my mind is conscious, my heart is full and my body is stronger. I passed through very difficult years, very difficult. This experience brings life force to me. I can be whatever I want, no matter how ambitious is but with passion, dedication, self discipline and above all LOVE, life gives you back all the positivity we deserve.

If we can control our breath we can do whatever we want.
Our body is our temple and our mind is its key.

Please, please, please keep on going in what you do, you all guys speak to people’s heart and the world need it.

Grazie, per sempre grazie

Marta from ItalyGrazie

Hi Joanna and Martin, I have some news, I quit my job yesterday. This is quite a step for me, especially considering I do not have a “follow up” job yet. This is quite scary for me to be honest and I am 100% sure I would never have done this a few months ago, but I am so happy that I was now courageous enough for this step and I am excited to see what comes next.

The space you held at the YTT in Lefkada, meeting you two and all these other wonderful and inspiring people really gave me the courage and strength to listen to my inner self and take this step.
Let’s see what will happen! And my plan is actually to take off a couple of months before starting a new job and travel to Australia to visit the three lovely girls from our YTT who live there and whom I miss very much!

Julia Appel from SwitzerlandI quit my job

Dear Joanna and Martin,how are you?
I look back with a lot of nostalgia and gratitude. I have learned so many skills, got the knowledge that helps me on my yoga teacher path, and I appreciate all the teachings we received.
My state of being was rather depressive at that time (which I am still a bit sad about, because it prevented me from socializing and connecting more) but I feel totally different a year after. I was going through darkness but learned from it.
My yoga journey continues with regularly irregular self practice, just what I need to do and staying loyal to vinyasa. I teach two classes per week, one online and one life for a private group of three. What an experience! I just love it, and also the amount is just fine.

Katerina Prouzova from the Czech RepublicHello

Part 2:
I have signed up for a yoga course in Prague in the spring, led by some former ballet-dancer, who claimed living in reincarnation and needed us to "believe" the same. Her cueing sounded to me, as a command to a dog. I didn’t hesitate to escape after weekend one.

The second course I signed for in September, has been led by some so called spiritual teacher (which I didn´t know). I was only told, due to the fact, I had passed the 200h YTT, that I might appreciate the "slight overlap into the yogi philosophy this course provides". What a shock, when I was sitting the first whole weekend sleepy on the floor, listening to some boring monologue of how the yoga had been taught in illegally in early 70s in Czechoslovakia, barely raised a limb during the weekend.

Katerina Prouzova from the Czech RepublicHello

Part 3: When I volunteered to make a class on the day 2 (they asked us to make the full class right away!!!) So I did a vinyasa, which the participants mostly liked, but the teacher and one of his fellows criticized for not feeling the pranayama flow through their bodies during the exercise and complained about the sound of ujjayi breath. So I realized, what a weird planet I entered and immediately decided to escape this weird secta and still trying hard to get my money back.
I am actually surprised about the level of yoga schools in Prague - but of course I can’t judge just out of only these two experiences.

Katerina Prouzova from the Czech RepublicHello

Hey Joanna, how are you? I wanted to reach out and give you an update as I’ve been thinking a lot this week about everything I learnt.

I’ve been practicing yoga so much, I feel myself not aligning with fitness the same anymore. I almost feel guilty for not wanting to do extreme fitness it’s the most bizarre experience. I never expected my life to change so much after making the decision to do the course. Looks like my life path is changing even more than I thought. I’m changing everyday and I can’t quite believe I’m shredding away old versions of me rapidly. It’s been very intense. I bet you’re shocked to hear this?
I teach my first face to face yoga class on Monday and I’ve started online already which is going amazing.

Megan Murrie from the UKThank you

Part 2: I went to a hatha class tonight and the woman I met runs the biggest yoga school in my area, crazy I never knew. She couldn’t believe I’ve just started my journey. She said my asanas, hand and foot placement were beautiful. I have all you to thank for that.

Missing you! I hope you are all well ❤️
My work and my plans have already started on building a yoga website, memberships and offer classes. 🥰 Honestly, that course changed my life! Thank you for everything that you Martin and Aris taught me. Some things just clicked since I got home and I finally feel I’m on the right path.
I’m coming back so I’ll see you next year 😂

Megan Murrie from the UKThank you

Hello! 🤍How are you? Yesterday I taught a class and my friend yoga teacher joined. He said that my adjustments were just in point and he loved the way I lead a class! I was very happy with this feedback, therefore wanted to share as I learned it from you! 🙂

Monika Stachurska (300hr YTT graduate)Thank you

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