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I could not wish for a better Yoga Teacher Training. I am so grateful for the opportunity to study with the best yoga teachers. They supported us and motivated us during the whole yoga training because they wanted us to leave as confident yoga teachers with great skills. We learned about adjustment, alignment, vinyasa sequencing, pranayama techniques...we covered a lot! In one week we were able to self-practice without any previous experience. The location was amazing, with crystal clear sea, great food and nice, clean accommodation. Thank you for everything!"

"An amazing life-changing yoga experience"!Aneta Opletalová, the Czech Republic

The teaching, the people, the food, the glorious view we would get every morning as we practiced yoga, all of it was just divine. I came primarily because I wanted to expand my yoga practice and gain the tools necessary to teach, but also because I really needed to escape the stress and horror of the past few months. What came up time and time again was how soothing this experience had been for all of us. The teacher training gave us all an opportunity to slow down and find our inner strength.

Chiara MaurinoEngland, UK

Martin and Joanna are excellent teachers and have put together the perfect curriculum for you to deepen your practice and become a yoga teacher! I loved the big emphasis on “Adjustments and Alignment”, which I am sure you won’t get most places, at least not in this amount or quality! Definitely the best classes of the course. I loved that morning classes changed between Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow Yoga and how much attention the two teachers paid to evolve your practice. I didn’t practice Ashtanga before I got there and wasn’t sure it was really for me. Martin turned that around! I found that the theoretical classes really opened up to everything behind the physical yoga practice. I would with no doubt recommend this teacher training!

Best yoga teacher training!Signe Eshøj from Denmark

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