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Boutique destination to immerse in the practice of yoga.

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Your 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training on Lefkada Island, Greece will take place in one of the most luxurious yoga retreat centers in Europe.

Located in the heart of the Ionian Sea, Lefkada is a premier resort destination. Nicknamed “The Caribbean of Greece,” Lefkada’s turquoise waters, iconic beaches, whitewashed villages, and natural wonders will connect you with the true meaning of yoga while you relax and recharge.

Urania Luxury Villas Retreat Center is a true paradise on Earth. This hillside retreat bestows an immediate feeling of tranquility and peace which will make your Yoga Teacher Training on Lefkada Island a rich and unforgettable experience. Read all the details about the course here.

Immerse into yoga practice while enjoying stunning views of Ithaca island, the mythical home of Ulysses.

Minutes away from an exclusive wilderness beach down the hill, we can’t think of a more boutique destination to explore the practice of yoga.

If you take this course in the spring, then you can join our 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training on Evia Island and have a discount.

Dates and Fees...

200hr YTT Dates on Lefkada Island

20th April - 11th May 2024 (21 nights)
13th October - 3rd November 2024 (21 nights)

200hr YTT Fees on Lefkada Island

Single Room
1 double bed, en-suite bathroom, sea view
Twin Room
2 single beds, en-suite bathroom, sea view
Triple Room
3 single beds, en-suite bathroom, sea view (6 spots in total)
  • The above prices already include an early bird discount of 200€. To benefit, reserve your spot 2 months before the course starts.
  • deposit of 400€ is required to reserve your spot. A second payment is required 6 weeks before the course starts. Read our payment and cancellation policy here.
  • What's included in this training? This Yoga Teacher Training on Lefkada Island is residential and includes the accommodation of your choice, breakfast, light lunch, dinner, water, tea, coffee, tuition fees, and a study manual. Pretty much everything 🙂 The yoga studio and the villas are on the same premises.
  • Book your flight either for Preveza Airport or Athens Airport on the 1st day of the course and the last day of the course. If you fly into Athens Airport, you need to land before 2:00 pm and fly out after 2:30 pm. If you arrive at Preveza, there are no specific requirements. More information on this is below.
  • Group transportation from Athens Airport to Urania's villas can be arranged by us so that you can relax once you set foot in Greece. The cost of transportation is not included in the price. We can also arrange a taxi from Preveza Airport to the retreat center and back to the airport. More travel info will be sent to you once you reserve your spot.
  • The retreat center provides students with accommodation as requested but reserves the right to make changes if needed due to unforeseen circumstances. Shared rooms can be mixed genders.

It doesn't get better than this...

Your options simplified...

Accommodation during the Yoga Teacher Training on Lefkada Island

The retreat center offers single, shared twin, and shared triple accommodation options.

  • Single room: 1 double bed (180cm wide)
  • Shared twin: 2 single beds (90cm wide)
  • Shared triple: 2 single beds and 1 sofa bed (90cm wide)

Each room has its bathroom, air conditioning, a safe box, and luxurious eco mattresses and pillows made by Coco-Mat company. You will sleep like a baby. Every room has a breathtaking view of the Ionian Sea so you can enjoy it the moment you wake up. Roommates will be assigned to all shared rooms unless otherwise requested. Shared rooms may be mixed genders.

The retreat center consists of 4 luxurious stone villas, each one having 3 bedrooms. Each villa can accommodate 3-6 guests in either single or shared rooms. Each villa has a fully equipped kitchen, a private swimming pool, and an amazing terrace with a sea view. There is also a washing machine in each villa so you can do your laundry at any time without extra cost.

Yummy, yummy...

Food during this Yoga Teacher Training on Lefkada Island

Breakfasts, light lunches, and dinners are included in the price on all days, even on your days off. Urania, the owner of this retreat center, cooks all the meals herself, putting all her love into planning and cooking healthy, creative, and delicious meals for us. Her food cannot be described in words, you have to taste it yourself.

One of our students described it pretty well: "It feels like Christmas here every day"!

Breakfast consists of eggs, porridge, Greek yogurt, honey, fruits, homemade marmalades, rice cakes, almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, cheese, juice, tea, and lots of coffee.

Dinners include soup/starter, salad, legumes, rice, greek dishes, and homemade desserts. Urania cooks too many desserts 🙂 Lunch can include a sandwich, lentil soup, leftovers from the previous dinner, hummus spread, and tortilla.

The Vegan and gluten-free menu costs 100 €/per person for the whole course. Let us know in advance if this is your choice.

We get you covered...

How to get to Lefkada Island retreat center

Fly to Athens Airport

  • Book your flight to Athens Airport (ATH).

  • Arrive before 2:00 pm on the 1st day of the training. A private shuttle bus will pick you up from the airport around 3:00 p.m. and bring you directly to the yoga center. The duration of the journey is around 6 hours.

  • The same shuttle bus will pick you up from the yoga center at around 06:00 am on the last day of the course and will drop you off at Athens Airport around midday. Therefore, you need to book your return flight after 2:30 p.m.

  • The cost of the shuttle bus depends on the number of students. One way could cost around 50-70 €/person.

Fly to Preveza or Ioannina Airport✈️

The closest airport to Lefkada Island is Preveza/Action (PVK) Airport, located 60 km from the yoga center. From this airport, a taxi to the retreat center costs approximately 120€ and this can be arranged by us. If more students arrive at this airport, the taxi and the cost can be shared.

The next closest airport is Ioannina Airport (IOA) which is located 176 km from the yoga center. Visit for flights to Ioannina Airport.

Check for the availability of both airports. As our courses in Lefkada do not take place in high season you might not find flights to these airports every day.

Public bus from Athens to Lefkada (not recommended)

This is the least convenient way of getting to the yoga center and we can not provide support to students who choose this option.

  • From Athens Airport, take bus X93 and get off at the last bus stop. This ride takes approximately 60 minutes. Walk to the main bus station called KTEL. Address: Street Kifissou 100, Athens.
  • Take the bus that goes to Lefkada island. The duration of the bus ride is about 5,5 hours. The buses depart from Athens four times per day. More information and details here:
  • Take a taxi to Urania's Retreat Center, about 60 minutes.

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Students that loved this course

Joanna and Martin are excellent teachers. Martin will definitely teach you how you should improve your alignment so you actually feel something and get the real benefits. I for instance have always thought that I will have to practice some more years to begin with arm balances but after a good preparatory Vinyasa class of Joanna I was in side crow and other crazy asanas which felt amazing! Thank you for those moments! And receiving adjustments from such talented and experienced teachers as Martin and Joanna is such a treat. To whom would I recommend this YTT? If you love doing yoga, you don’t fear sweating (Ashtanga!), are a curious person and would love to spend a good time in wonderful Greece – go for it!

Nora TabeaEngland, UK

This teacher training was fantastic. One of the most valuable things was taking the asanas back to basics — understanding the foundations really enabled me to deepen my practice and correct the mistakes I had been making unknown for years. More than just the asanas, the course places physical practice in the broader philosophy and helped me understand that yoga is about so much more than what happens on the mat.

Jenni SmoutEngland, UK

I decided to do a yoga teacher training, not with the intention to become a yoga trainer, but to improve my knowledge about yoga and especially about the physical part - alignment. I did a lot of research to find out which training would be the best for me. In the end I chose Alpha yoga school because of the very personal contact with Joanna from the beginning. Joanna and Martin are very open, lovely persons and funny (especially Martin) and always take the time for you and your questions. I improved my alignment and learned to feel my body with a lot more attention. Also mentally I developed new strength and find back some of my positivity, gratefulness and calmness that I lost a bit in the stressfully daily-life at home.

Gesine Matter

If you search for a high quality yoga teacher training, which challenges you, makes you laugh and opens new perspectives of living your life, you should choose this one! It was an incredible time, we learned so much about our own body, yoga philosophy and how to teach in a safe and good way. I came as a yoga loving girl and left as a yoga loving teacher with a bag full of new friends and unforgettable memories. It was on the one hand really challenging and exhausting and on the other hand such an intense, emotional, wonderful time with a wonderful group of people and wonderful teachers!! I highly recommend this yoga teacher training! Lots of Love Lea

Lea Hausner

You made everyone feel so welcome and supported throughout this challenging and intensive journey. I am definitely missing the group energy and the fun morning Ashtanga and Vinyasa flows! I just did my first Mysore style class and it was a unique and new experience for me. This YTTC will be an experience I will never forget and I'm so happy I went on this journey - thank you for it all!

Alex Aitken

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What students say about us

Reviews from Melina R. about her 200hr YTT  on Lefkada Island, Greece

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How is the weather in April/May/October?

The weather in these months is ideal. It's not too hot and it's definitely not cold. For yoga, for relaxing by the pool, for walks, it's just perfect. The temperature is around 22-25 degrees, more or less and you will definitely sweat during the morning practice. Summer in Greece is quite hot, so if you don't like the heat, we suggest these months.

The sea is a bit fresh but that's just in the beginning. Once you start swimming, it's ok. On your days off you can visit one of the most famous beaches in the world, called Porto Katsiki. It is only a 15-minute drive from the retreat center.

Is your 200-Hour YTTC suitable for beginners? I'm not that flexible...

Nor are we 🙂 We all have something to work on...
This 200-hour course is open to all levels of yoga practitioners.
The most important factor is not how long you have been doing yoga. The most important is that you arrive with an open mind and eagerness to learn. If you have noticed the magical benefits of yoga outside of the mat, then you can join us. 
You will deepen your practice no matter where you are at the moment and by the end of the training, you will be lightyears beyond where you were when you started.
Will someone be more flexible than you on the training? Yes, in one way at least. Will there be anyone stronger than you? Most likely, yes. Does that mean you shouldn't attend? Of course not.

I don't want to become a yoga teacher. Can I take this course just for me?

A yoga teacher training is a life-changing personal development course open to all those looking to expand their practice. Despite the name, a Yoga Teacher Training is not exclusive for those who are already teachers or are training to become yoga teachers. No one is forcing you to teach once you complete the course. Should you have a change of heart (which many of our graduates do) you will be qualified to teach worldwide.

Most of our students who take this course, take it for themselves, to deepen their practice, to learn how to do the asanas correctly and safely. You will also go beyond the physical aspect of yoga and learn about the philosophy, meditation techniques, and the connection between the physical and the mental benefits of the practice. You will learn so much about yourself and grow a lot.

The beauty of yoga is not in the perfect downward-facing dog or the deepest backbend. The secret of yoga lies in the lessons learned through continuous practice.

How can I prepare for my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course?

Once you secure your deposit, you will have access to a Google Drie Folder with everything you need. We suggest that you get familiar with the names of the postures in Sanskrit and practice yoga classes that last 90 minutes or more. A few months before the course starts, we recommend you get into the habit of waking up at 7:00 am.  Also, we encourage students to practice yoga at least 4 times per week, preferably Vinyasa or Ashtanga Yoga. We will also send you links so that you can practice with us.
We recommend you practice meditation or awareness techniques. This can take the form of f.e. guided meditation, chanting, breathwork, seated silence, observation techniques, e.t.c.  If none of these float your boat, try getting outside and connecting with nature.
Maintain a healthy diet to prepare both your physical body and your mind. In addition, consult your doctor in case of any medical conditions or history of injury.

Is there a written and / or practical exam on the 200-Hour YTTC?

You will take a multiple-choice exam in the anatomy, philosophy, and asana section. A practical assessment in the form of peer teaching will also take place towards the end of the course.
By the time assessments roll around, you will be more than prepared. We work with students to make sure they are thoroughly prepared and provide one-on-one mentoring if needed.
If for any reason you don't pass your assessments, you will have another opportunity to take them again.

I don’t practice Ashtanga Yoga. Can I stil join this YTTC?

Definitely yes! Most of the students who join us mainly practice Vinyasa yoga. We don't expect students to be masters of Ashtanga or inversions. We are here to teach you everything during the course.
The asana classes are split equally between Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga. The Ashtanga classes will progress slowly, class by class.
In our 200-hour training, we focus on the first sequence called the Primary series, so that you can deepen your asana practice.
During the yoga course, we break the spostures down. We explain in detail the correct and safe alignment for each asana.
We teach you modifications and preparations for even the most difficult poses. This is a course where you will immerse deeply into Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. Most students fall in love with Ashtanga after this course.
An equal amount of time will be dedicated to Vinyasa (Flow) yoga.
You will learn how to sequence classes and you will obtain the necessary skills to teach Vinyasa Yoga classes.

How many students do you accept per course?

We limit our groups to 20-26 students. This is a perfect number for both students and teachers.  Students can experience the benefits of group energy, and practice real teaching scenarios. Yet, teachers can provide the personal attention students need and deserve.

What is the age profile of the students?

The course welcomes practitioners of all ages.  75% of the group is between 25 to 35 years old. The rest is either younger or more mature, between 50 and 60 years of age and older.

What specific subjects are taught in the theory classes?

  • Philosophy (Indian philosophy, yogic lifestyle, breathing techniques (theory and practice), moral and ethical codes of yoga (yamas and niyamas), classical texts, and more modern texts on yoga.
  • Yoga Anatomy with hands-on exercises wherever possible.
  • Teaching Skills will be also put into practice. Everything you will learn in theory, you also put into application.
  • Alignment and Adjustments could be considered either theory or practice. Firstly you will learn them theoretically. Secondly, you will practice on yourself and other students.

Will we learn how to find work after the yoga teacher training course?

Yes, you will cover this in a class called "Business of yoga".
We will show you how to get your first yoga jobs, how to set prices, and what to avoid doing.
How to use social media to attract new students to your classes and even yoga retreats.
How to write content in order to connect with your ideal student.

Can I teach Power Yoga after I finish this course?

Once you complete our yoga teacher training, you will be qualified and confident to teach Ashtanga Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga, often called Flow Yoga.
Power Yoga is another modern yoga style very similar to Vinyasa Yoga. You could say that Ashtanga Yoga is the mother of Vinyasa Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga is the mother of Power Yoga. This also means that Ashtanga is the most powerful style of all these styles. Power yoga focuses more on strength and sweating, less on flexibility, meditation, or chanting.
These are elements that can be brought, depending on the teacher, into a Vinyasa yoga class.
There are not many teacher training that will train you how to teach Power yoga only. If you can teach Vinyasa yoga, and then attend, say 10 power yoga classes, you will know how to teach Power yoga yourself…​​

Who are the teachers in each course?

Each course has a team of highly skilled and experienced teachers. This is not a one-man show. You will study with a team of 3 teachers, each one of them an expert in what they practice and teach.
If you join us on the 20th of April, you will study with Joanna Vladescu, Aris Papas, and Jamie Blakely.
If you join us on the 13th of October, you will study with Joanna Vladescu, Aris Papas, and one more teacher to be announced.

Will we learn pregnancy/prenatal yoga?

We don't teach prenatal yoga. This is a niche and it's something that you will have to learn separately. Prenatal yoga courses are usually short, 50-hours maximum.

Can I teach Rocket Yoga after your yoga teacher training course?

Regarding Rocket Yoga, you are lucky because Joanna, your Vinyasa teacher, has completed her first 200-hour yoga teacher training with the creator of Rocket Yoga, with LARRY SCHULTZ himself!
That training was again a mix of Ashtanga Yoga and Rocket Yoga. Larry had studied Ashtanga Yoga with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, the founder of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Method, and later came up with his own unique sequences that he called "Rocket Yoga".
Rocket Yoga is very flexible, which means that once you learn the sequences by heart, you have the freedom to deviate from the preset sequence.
You could take short training in Rocket Yoga, but you first need to finish a 200-hour yoga training first.
Joanna teaches Rocket 1sequence in each training.
There is no such thing as 200-hour training for Rocket Yoga only.
Just like Power Yoga, once you take 10-15 Rocket yoga classes, you will be able to teach it to others?‍♂️?‍♂️.

Do you offer an internship yoga program?

We offer scholarships to our ex-students. We call it the "Karma Yogi program".
To be eligible, you must first complete either a 200-hour or 300-hour program with Alpha Yoga School. This way we know your yoga practice, personality, teaching skills. The rest goes from there.
As a Karma Yogi, you have the rare opportunity to do the whole yoga course again and allow all the teaching to sink in. The second time you follow the same course, you deepen your understanding of all the aspects of yoga. You re-learn, reinforce, and grow confidence in teaching skills. All that is a great learning environment, always supported by the lead teachers. That is what makes it a great opportunity.
The program also offers rare opportunities to teach yoga classes and workshops. It is up to each karma yogi how far he/she wants to take it. Karma yogi can always join the philosophy, anatomy lectures, or any other activities on schedule.
In exchange, we ask karma yogis to assist us in the morning asana classes, alignment, and adjustments classes, in making announcements, and in bridging the students' communication with us and the retreat center.
As we do not own the retreat centers, karma yogi will pay for her/his food and accommodation. Karma yogi does not pay anything to the teachers.

In which countries can I teach with the yoga certificate that I earn?

The certificate from our school is recognized worldwide.
Our yoga teacher training programs are registered with Yoga Alliance USA and Yoga Alliance Professionals UK. These are the two most worldwide recognized yoga organizations.

After you receive your diploma you can register as a Registered Yoga Teacher with either organization. It is a paid service. You can register with these organizations only if you want, but you don't have to. This registration is not a prerequisite for you to teach yoga.
Your diploma will be accepted anywhere in the world. You can start teaching by showing the certificate you received from us. Studios can ask for your diploma. Some studios prefer to see your practice and ask you to teach a demo class. It depends from studio to studio.

Can I join yoga teacher training after injury or with a physical limitation?

The answer here is yes!

Not only can an injury be a gift to your experience of Yoga Teacher Training, it can also offer so much to the other students, the teacher, and the lessons.

Of course, consult your doctor before committing to this intensive yoga training and receive informed guidance.

Will we learn how to integrate the use of props into our yoga practice?

At Alpha Yoga School, we understand the benefit of using props and encompass them in our teacher trainings.

We encourage students to experience them in their own practice, as well as in their teaching of yoga to others.

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