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Where do you even start when choosing the best Yoga Teacher Training in the UK? This is something that every yoga enthusiast faces. How do you find the best 200hr YTT course that will fit all your needs? This blog is designed to emphasize the importance of asking the right questions in your yoga teacher training journey.

the yoga studio in Lefkada Island
Vinyasa class during YTT
Boat trip during the yoga teacher training on Lefkada Island

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Beyond the Brochures: Your Key to Confidently Selecting the Best Yoga Teacher Training in the UK...


Embarking on the journey to become a yoga teacher is a calling. A whisper that beckons you toward a path of self-discovery and transformation

If you've dreamed of attending Yoga Teacher Training but feel lost and unsure where to start among the many courses, you're not alone.

It seems that you know that you want to stay in the UK for your yoga training. Yet, that is exactly the time to proceed with caution

Here's a dream-murdering scenario: type "Yoga Teacher Training in the UK" into Google search. You'll get 99,236 results in just 47 seconds. Having a choice is a beautiful thing, but an excess of it? It almost seems unfair.

As for yoga instructor courses, the sheer abundance of options often leaves many with a paralyzing fear of making the wrong choice. The fear can be so overwhelming. At times, it feels easier to postpone your decision. Worse, not to decide at all. Hence the "dream murder". 

Most of our 200-hour YTT students, before they found Alpha Yoga School, have also gone through this same feeling of lost and found. But, worry no more. We've compiled a downloadable checklist guide to help you make an informed decision about your yoga teacher training.

What took us years to comprehend, you can now grasp in mere minutesWe present to you the 10 best yoga teacher training in the UK. We carefully curated this list through a systematic review based on 30 criteria spanning seven vital categories. You can find more in our free, downloadable ultimate guide. From the intricacies of the course structure to the practicalities of your daily routine, we've left no stone unturned.

We understand what to avoid, what to expect, and what to look out for. With over 15 years of experience in the Yoga Teacher Trainer business, attending, assisting, and teaching nearly 100 courses, we've learned from our fair share of mistakes. Our journey has equipped us with the ability to distinguish between good and great schoolsSo, join us in learning from our mistakes

best yoga teacher training

But first, we must confess to something. We did something a little naughty... 

We've deliberately scrutinized the reputed 10 best schools in the UK. Not to lessen their greatness, they are indeed great schools. That's why we chose them. But to offer you those valuable "aha!" moments. The secret insights. 

Our "Things to consider" are designed to be your guiding light. Illuminating aspects you may not have thought of before. But that's not all. Amidst our search, we found a school so impeccable that we couldn't pinpoint a single flaw. You guessed right. It's called the Alpha Yoga School. Yep, we're that confident.

And here's your challenge: prove us wrong. Dive into our details, try to find anything unclear, and share your discoveries in the comments below. Your feedback isn't just welcomed; it's cherished. We have an insatiable desire to enhance our message, and your insights could be the key. So, make our day and let us know!

Criteria to choose the best Yoga Teacher Training in the UK

We have years of personal experience in the yoga teacher training business. So,  these are the most important factors to consider before investing your time and money into Yoga Teacher Training in the UK.

  • Location. The location of your yoga training can make or break your learning experience. However, geographical beauty does not compare to the value of yoga teacher training. Then what actually matters the most? Focus on the quality of what you will learn rather than where you learn it.
  • Teachers. Feeling overwhelmed by the myriad of yoga teacher training options available? Remember, the key to a fulfilling training experience lies in the caliber of the teachers. Seek out instructors who are not only knowledgeable but also passionate about guiding you toward mastery in the transformative practice of yoga.
  • Program (theory & practice) Many yoga students go through the course details of their yoga training, and start scratching their heads - don’t be like them! Picture this: You want a program that makes learning feel like a joyful ride, right? The program should be meticulously designed, offering specificity and clarity. It should be applicable to modern Western culture.
  • Duration of the program. There aren’t many things you can become an expert at in 3 weeks. It’s tempting to go for the shortest training possible (like 9 days) and ‘get it over and done with’, but what’s the rush? Getting the best yoga teacher training is only the beginning of a lifelong yoga education. Cheers to making every moment count! 
  • Booking process. Booking the best yoga teacher training is not always an exciting task. That is why the process should be like an open book. It should be crystal clear. Walking you through each step so you know exactly what's coming your way.
  • Price. Alright, here's the final piece of the puzzle - and trust us, it's a biggie. When you're picking the best yoga teacher training for you, make smart investments. It is a game of quality over your pocket. Remember, you always end up getting what you paid for. You can't afford cheap mistakes.

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List of 10 Best Yoga Teacher Training in the UK

Name Price Types of training
The Shala London  £2,985  Ashtanga Vinyasa, Pranayama, Kriya and Anatomy
The House Of Yoga  £2,900 Yin Yoga, Asana Vinyasa Yoga
LKY Yoga School £1300 Vinyasa Krama, Kundalini, Hatha, Ashtanga
Classical Yoga School  £2,820 Ashtanga Vinyasa, Vinyasa Flow, Iyengar and Sivananda yoga styles
Yoga Hero £2,375  Vinyasa Flow
Bristol School Of Yoga £3,270 Vinyasa Flow, Hatha Flow and Yin Yoga
Yin To The Yang Yoga £3,300 Hatha and Vinyasa
Sussexy Yoga Training £2,650 Hatha Yoga, including Sun Salutations & Vinyasa Flow
Gem Yoga £2,495 - £3,995 Ashtanga, Yin yoga, Vinyasa, Pranayama, Meditation
Himalaya Yoga Valley  €1575 Ashtanga Vinyasa, Iyengar Yoga, Raja, and Hatha Yoga

The Best Yoga Teacher Training in the UK in Details

1. The Shala London

Location: London

Style: Ashtanga Vinyasa, Pranayama, Kriya and Anatomy 

Price: £2,985 & £25 application fee

The Shala London

The Shala School of Yoga is a well-respected yoga training center in South London. It has a reputation for exceptionally high-quality yoga training. It includes 200 and 300-hour teacher training programs plus a wider range of yoga-related CPDs.

Things to consider

  • The school prefers applicants with at least three years of regular practice. Some vinyasa experience and basic knowledge of the Ashtanga primary series. If your yoga journey is just starting, you might want to pause and think if this school's the right fit for you. It's like finding the perfect pair of yoga pants – gotta make sure they are not too hard to put on! 🌟
  • About the deposit – it's non-refundable and non-transferable. Once you're in, you're in. So, before you drop that cash, make sure you're ready to commit!
  • The 200-hour YTT course spans 22 days in the studio, spread out over 7 months. Alongside, you'll have access to livestream anatomy modules and on-demand resources. It's important to note that this extended time frame allows for a comprehensive learning experience. It also requires a greater time commitment to complete the program.

2. The House Of Yoga

Location: London

Style: Yin Yoga, Asana Vinyasa Yoga

Price: £2,900

The House Of Yoga

Their trainings are designed with leadership in mind – to offer a platform for your growth in teaching, leadership, and life mastery. Whether you are new to teaching or looking to take your skills to new levels. Their innovative programs are designed to provide you with inspiration, education, and personal transformation in body, mind, and spirit.

Things to consider

  • It's worth noting that while the website gives an overview of their courses, you might need to do a bit of extra digging to find detailed profiles of the teaching staff. You might end up downloading some extra materials or browsing through social media profiles to get a better sense of their teaching style and qualifications, especially if you're keen on ensuring they're certified by Yoga Alliance.
  • While it's great that their 200-hour YTT spans weekends over seven months, making it easier to juggle work and family, it does mean your weekends for the next seven months will be all about the course. Just a friendly reminder to plan accordingly and make sure you're ready for the commitment!
  • This school does NOT offer a 300-hour yoga teacher training program at the moment. Advanced training usually calls for instructors with plenty of experience under their belt. The absence of an advanced course suggests double-checking the experience of the team.

3. LKY Yoga School, Yoga Teacher Training in the UK

Location: Queens Gardens, Aberdeen, Scotland

Style: Vinyasa Krama, Kundalini, Hatha, Ashtanga

Price: £1300       

LKY Yoga School

LKY Yoga Teacher Training School is a community-driven educational institution that fosters personal and professional growth for yoga practitioners and teachers. With a strong emphasis on yogic philosophy and practice foundations, all courses are Yoga Alliance Professionals accredited. The school embraces diverse yoga lineages and styles while offering masterclasses led by specialist senior teachers. LKY prioritizes individualized learning and now offers a flexible 300-hour course, allowing trainees to specialize over two years.

Things to consider

  • Let's make it a little game: See if you can track down an updated schedule to download from their website. It's like a treasure hunt! Remember, making sure you're getting the most out of your time and money is key when choosing a yoga teacher training program.
  • Their website does NOT clearly say how many teachers will be there, and finding detailed info about them isn't a breeze either. It's super important that you vibe with the teacher's practice and personality, especially since you'll be spending lots of time together during the 200hour YTT course.
  • To hop on board this teacher training course, you must have at least 2 years of solid yoga practice under your belt – no exceptions. If you're new to yoga, you might want to think twice about whether this program is the right match for you at the moment.

4. Classical Yoga School

Location: Perth, Surrey, Glasgow

Style: Ashtanga Vinyasa, Vinyasa Flow, Iyengar, and Sivananda style

Price: £2,820

Classical Yoga School

In 2003, June Mitchell, one of Scotland's pioneering yoga teachers, co-founded CYS Scotland, initially known as the Chi Yoga School, to offer top-notch yoga teacher training. Over the years, the school expanded into the South of England, thriving under June's leadership as sole owner and Director. As a 200hr Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance, CYS provides worldwide certification. With a focus on the Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary Series as the foundation, supplemented by teaching workshops in various yoga styles, CYS ensures students receive a comprehensive training experience.

Things to consider

  • Classes here are kept small and cozy, but they do NOT give an exact student count. Fewer classmates might mean less chance to bounce ideas and get peer feedback. Remember, learning from fellow yogis can be just as enlightening as learning from the teachers!
  • Apart from the course fee, it's NOT crystal clear if any extra goodies are included. Also, aside from the £300 discount, there are NO special treats for early birds, unlike some schools that love to show appreciation for dedicated students. Just something to think about - what other value are you getting for your investment besides the course?
  • If something unexpected happens, it's good to know if the school can adjust your booking. But here's the thing - there's NO info about deposit policy in the FAQs. Keep it in mind if life throws you a curveball and your plans change suddenly!

5. Yoga Hero, Yoga Teacher Training in the UK

Location: Leeds Dock, Leeds

Style: Vinyasa Flow

Price: £2,375

Yoga Hero

Yoga Hero, established in March 2013, initially held classes in various unconventional venues before settling into a beautiful home in Leeds Dock. With three studios, each catering to different group sizes, they offer a diverse range of classes and training programs. From introductory courses to specialized sessions like Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga, Yoga Hero provides options for practitioners at every level.

Things to consider

  • Food and accommodation are NOT part of the package. It can be quite a hassle having to arrange these separately, adding an extra layer of complexity to your journey. Just think of it as an additional task to manage amidst your busy schedule!
  • It's a bit surprising that there's NO option for booking consultation calls with the founders or teachers. Having the chance to chat directly with them could really ease any worries or questions you might have, making the whole decision-making process a lot smoother. After all, clear communication is key when it comes to choosing the right yoga school for you!T
  • The website does NOT have the daily schedule listed. Knowing how much time you'll get with the lead teacher versus the assistant instructors is pretty important, right? After all, you signed up to learn from the lead teacher, so it's only fair to make sure you're getting the instruction you expected.

6. Bristol School Of Yoga

Location: Bristol

Style: Vinyasa Flow, Hatha Flow, and Yin Yoga

Price: £3,270

Bristol School of Yoga, led by Laura, blends tradition with contemporary science. Their approach integrates classical asana practice with insights from strength science, neurology, and functional training. Trainees describe their courses as life-changing, with high completion rates, and graduates teaching within three months. Expect personal support, encouragement for individual expression, and a celebratory approach to differences. Led by seasoned tutors, their courses offer a supportive environment and an embodied understanding of yoga's physical and subtle aspects.

Things to consider

  • You can easily request or book a call with the school, and they'll promptly reach out to you. This is a chance to get all your questions answered and make an informed decision with a smile!
  • Classes are limited to 20 students. If you're cool with this crowd size, then this could be a fit for you! Plus, you'll get plenty of peer and mentor feedback to build your confidence along the way.
  • In their 200-hour YTT, 2 teachers are onboard, offering a collaborative approach to training, which is fantastic! While having two instructors is helpful, imagine the possibilities with an even more diverse team. It could make your learning journey even more exciting and insightful!

7. Yin To The Yang Yoga Teacher Training in the UK

Location: Greensward Lane, Hockley

Style: Hatha and Vinyasa 

Price: £3,300

Yin To The Yang Yoga

Justine, the founder of Yin to the Yang Yoga, is a passionate yoga teacher trainer and the driving force behind her Registered Yoga School, accredited as an RYS-200 by Yoga Alliance. With a 500 Hours Advanced Yoga Teacher certification, she is well-versed in various yoga styles, including hatha, vinyasa, ashtanga, and yin yoga. Justine's journey of self-discovery began in 2014 when she found herself living a life out of alignment with her true self. Today, Justine shares her passion for yoga and mental health through teaching and her Amazon business, helping others on their own paths of growth and transformation.

Things to consider

  • Heads up – the website does NOT give a clear breakdown of the curriculum. It's like trying to plan a road trip without a map – you might end up somewhere unexpected! Having a clear idea of what to expect beforehand can make your training journey smoother and help you make informed decisions about your path. 
  • Social media links are also NOT accessible on their website. Taking a peek at videos on platforms like YouTube can give you a better feel for the teaching style and practices of the instructors, helping you decide if it's the right fit for you.
  • They've got one teacher and a max of seven students per class. While it's intimate, having a mix of instructors with different specialties can really spice up your learning journey. Think of it like a potluck dinner – more flavors mean more fun!

Don't leave your teacher training to chance - use our ultimate checklist to make the best decision. Click here to download!

8. Sussexy Yoga Training

Location: Southeast England

Style: Hatha Yoga, including Sun Salutations & Vinyasa Flow

Price: £2,650

Sussexy Yoga Training

Focus on Hatha yoga primarily. Hatha Yoga classes combine elements of breathing, yoga poses & meditation & are accessible to beginners, as well as those requiring a considered, unrushed approach to yoga. Students create a 6-week, progressive beginners course & are assessed on the teaching at week 6. Sun salutations & the transitions that link the poses together are the building blocks that go on in creating Vinyasa Flow sequences. Students will be able to plan for all sorts of clients & encourage their exploration of yoga by the end of the course.

Things to consider

  • Testimonials or reviews from previous students are NOT available on their website. Hearing from real students can give you a sneak peek into what your experience might be like. It's always helpful to hear from those who've been there before, right?
  • Their 200-hour YTT offers a flexible approach: one-weekend training per month over nine months or an intensive course spread over three months, one week per month. Remember, it's not always about the length; it's about finding the right balance between time and cost-effectiveness. Discover the ideal match for you!
  • It's a good idea to check out the center's location to see if it matches your vibe. A peaceful and pleasant atmosphere can boost your learning experience and a beautiful view can be a bonus for those yoga pics! This school's website does NOT have a lot of photos for reference, so you might need to rely on other sources for visuals.

9. Gem Yoga

Location: Devon England

Style: Ashtanga, Yin yoga, Vinyasa, Pranayama, Meditation

Price: £2,495 - £3,995

Gem Yoga offers affordable, inspirational yoga teacher training, retreats, workshops, classes, and treatments. Gem’s unique yoga teacher training packages are for yogis who want to expand their knowledge of yoga philosophy, deepen their understanding of the yoga practice, and incorporate yoga into daily life. Gem Yoga also offers yoga teacher mentoring to support you on a personal level along your journey, to help you to run a successful, profitable yoga business embracing the career you love.

Things to consider

  • With just one instructor leading the course, it's like having a solo performer on stage. While they may be talented, sometimes a duo or a band offers a richer experience. It's worth pondering if one teacher will provide the energy in the classes and the diverse perspectives you're seeking for a well-rounded education.
  • Browse through the snapshots from past courses on their website to visualize the learning atmosphere. Make sure the studio ticks all the boxes for your comfort and focus, whether it's equipped with AC, shielded from mosquitoes, or provides a welcoming atmosphere. Your training environment sets the stage for success during those intense 200 hours!
  • Even though they offer a 300-hour yoga teacher training program, note that it will still be taught by a single instructor. Diving into advanced training with the same guide can be great, but having a team of instructors can add a lot of flavor to your experience!

10. Himalaya Yoga Valley

Location: Ireland

Style: Ashtanga Vinyasa, Iyengar Yoga, Raja, and Hatha Yoga

Price: €1575

Himalaya Yoga Valley

Himalaya Yoga Valley Centre is an International Yoga education center delivering the highest quality yoga Teacher Training courses, drop-in classes, Yoga Retreats and workshops for both beginners and seasoned practitioners at their centers in India and Ireland.

Over the past decade, the team at Himalaya Yoga Valley has established themselves as leading educators in the field of yoga for both teacher trainees and practitioners. Yogacharya Lalit founded our first center in Dharamsala in the Himalayas in 2002 and has now grown to include branches of our center in Goa and Ireland as well.

Things to consider

  • Jumping into their 200-hour yoga teacher training is like a big yoga party with people of all levels! Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned pro, you'll have a blast learning together. Plus, you'll explore yoga philosophy, anatomy, and other stuff, making it an enriching experience for future teachers!
  • Classes usually have about 25-30 students, and there's a squad of 8 teachers to guide you through. It's like having your own team of yoga mentors! With this awesome ratio, you'll get tons of personalized attention to help you shine in your practice.
  • Their training fee covers the tuition, manuals, and handouts, but food and accommodation are NOT included. You'll need to budget extra for meals, which can cost around €10-15 each meal. It's a bit inconvenient, but they do recommend places to stay and eat.

Don't leave your teacher training to chance - use our ultimate checklist to make the best decision. Click here to download!

To conclude…

We cannot tell you which one of these top 10 yoga teacher training schools is best for you. They are the best options out of the many we reviewed. Remember, no school is perfect. It depends on what you want to get.

But we are perfect:-) Teaching Yoga Teachers is our livelihood and has been for over a decade. We pride ourselves on offering the most systematized training programs. The evidence is in the level of our graduates

But don’t take our word for it we are, after all, biased.


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Yoga teacher Training in Europe, Greece

200hr Yoga Teacher Training with Alpha Yoga School

Location: Greece, the EU

Style: Ashtanga and Vinyasa in one training 

Price: from €2,475

This 200-hour yoga course is a foundational course for yogis of all levels. The comprehensive program focuses on 2 essential styles. Vinyasa Flow Yoga and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga method

The major focus is placed on alignment, teaching skills, physical assists, and hands-on adjustments. If you want to know how to practice yoga correctly and safely, on your own, and to become a confident and seek-out yoga teacher, this is the perfect course for you. 

Moreover, our training is held at a serene sea-front retreat center, nestled in the breathtakingly beautiful Islands of Greece. This provides the perfect backdrop for you to unwind, soak up the Mediterranean vibes, and spend your leisure time lounging on the beach bed.

Things to consider

  • Our training is not a multi-style yoga training where you learn "all kinds of yoga”. Given the time restrictions, more information and more yoga styles aren’t always the answer. Your learning will be focused.
  • You will practice Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga so you can learn to self-practice. With the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga method, you are guaranteed to deepen your practice.
  • Equal time is spent on Vinyasa Flow Yoga. This is the style of yoga that you will learn to teach to others.
  • This combo, next to classes of applied yoga anatomy, yoga philosophy, and themed fun classes and workshops, will maximize your skills and your career opportunities.

At Alpha Yoga School, we're passionate about helping you practice yoga safely and correctly. With our guidance, you'll be able to practice yoga anywhere, anytime, and without the need for outside assistance.

The owners of Alpha Yoga School talk face-to-face with all of their students and provide them with tips on how to choose the yoga training that is right for what they need.

Yoga studio on Evia Island that we use for our courses
Joanna Vladescu in Lefkada Island with view

9 Important Things to Know Before Choosing the right Yoga Teacher Training Course ...(Point 4 will surprise you).

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