Joanna Vladescu

Joanna teaches Vinyasa yoga with an emphasis on clear verbal instructions which help the students improve their practice.

During the 200-hour yoga teacher training courses, she teaches challenging Vinyasa yoga classes that will take your practice to the next level, each and every time you enter her class. The mind will also become clear and you will start your day feeling serene and tranquil.

The intelligent sequences that she uses, along with precise verbal and hands-on adjustments, will show you what your mental and physical body is really capable of. Redefine what you thought was possible 🙂

In the theoretical classes, she will teach you how to become a teacher. She will share with you all her knowledge and experience so that you can become an amazing yoga instructor yourself. Most of the students who join the training without wanting to become teachers, often say that after having classes with Joanna, they feel ready and confident to start teaching because they learned so much....

Her experience and practice on the mat is her main teacher.

Since 2009 she has completed workshops and advanced studies with first-generation teachers of Ashtanga Vinyasa lineage including Manju Jois, David Swenson, Eddie Stern, Laruga Glaser, Kristina Karitinou, Rolf Naujokat, David Garrigues.

She completed two teacher training courses in Ashtanga Yoga and an advanced 300-hour course in Vinyasa Yoga in India.

She completed a 50-hour Advanced Vinyasa Teacher Tune-up course with Noah Maze, a one-week course which has added a lot of value to Joanna's teaching skills.

During the 200-hour yoga instructor courses, she teaches dynamic Vinyasa yoga classes, how to create vinyasa classes, how to stand in front of the students, how to demonstrate, how to give verbal instructions and much more. You will receive feedback from her so that you can continue improving your teaching skills.

Along with Martin Sittek, she did a 40-hour course on hands-on adjustments with David Swenson in Italy. You will enjoy her adjustments during your morning classes.

She is fully dedicated to her practice, always looking for a teacher and remaining a student.

She practices and teaches Vinyasa Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, and loves handstands. (she can show you a trick or two) She likes to inspire her students to adopt the yoga practice as a therapeutic method of self-transformation and self-discovery.

In her class, she emphasizes the bandhas and breath, that allow us to make our practice more than just physical exercise. She gives modifications for all body types as she believes yoga is for everyone and everyone has their own limitations. The yoga pose is not about how it looks, but how it feels. Prepare to sweat in her classes and to be challenged.

She is funny, caring, inspiring and gives full attention to her students. She will take your practice to the next level with precise verbal cues and amazing hands-on adjustments. Since 2015, Joanna has taught in more than 20 yoga teacher trainings. In the 200-hour training, she teaches Vinyasa Yoga and teaching skills. In the 300-hour she complements Rachel Barryman, who is the lead teacher of the 300 hour TTC.

Joanna is a 500-hour Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance, Thai massage therapist, and has a degree in Economics.

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