Danni Cullen

Danni Cullen ( RYT 500) comes from a background in theatre and performance. With the uncertainty and stress of the acting world, she decided to try yoga, to calm her mind, keep her sanity, and a new way to stay fit for productions and tours. But what she did not know was how much effect yoga would have on her.

Danni loves to teach and share… she is passionate about what she does as yoga had such a special effect on her life. It is rare to be in one of her classes and to not burst out in laughter, child-like giggles, or even laughing so hard your crying with stomach pains! Her classes are strong, creative, and super fun! Most importantly, she teaches from the heart.

She has taught yoga in group and private classes, workshops, and teacher training courses all over the world- India, Bali, Ireland, Portugal, Barcelona, and Morrocco.

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