Terms and Conditions

50-hr, 200-hr, 300-hr Yoga Teacher Training Courses

Requirements to join the yoga teacher training course:

The applicant must be mentally and physically fit in order to take part in the teacher training, on their own decision and responsibility. Alpha Yoga is not responsible for any injuries or illnesses caused to the applicant during the course. The applicant needs to have basic English language knowledge.
By reserving your spot on our training/retreat, the applicant agrees with our terms and conditions stated

Booking the yoga teacher training course:

The applicant must deposit 400€ in order to reserve his/her spot on the training. The remaining balance can be paid either with another transfer two weeks before the course starts or in cash on the arrival day.
Payment can be made using PayPal, direct bank transfer, or cash. Additional transactional charges are covered by the applicant.

What is included in the yoga teacher training course fee:

● Tuition for the Yoga Teacher Training Course.
● Course manual and/or all other training materials.
● Accommodation of your choice and food: breakfast, snack or lunch, dinner, and drinking water,
according to the agreement with the retreat center.
● Alpha Yoga School reserves the right to accommodate and combine female students with male
students in one room, upon the applicant's permission.
● Paying all the fees does not guarantee a certificate.
● Certification is granted only upon successful completion of all the course requirements.
● The prerequisites to obtaining the yoga certificate are, among others, due attendance and successful passing of all course assignments.

What is not included in the yoga teacher training fee:

● Travel expenses.
● Personal expenses.
● Travel insurance. We advise all applicants to buy health, travel, and flight cancelation insurance for their travel and stay during the yoga course.
● Any medical cost that may occur during the student's travel and/or stay in the retreat center.

Discounts and upgrades:

Alpha Yoga School reserves the right to offer and provide discounts to students. Alpha Yoga has the right to upgrade students’ accommodation. (f.e. from triple occupancy to a twin room and/or from twin to a single occupancy room).
Applicants who have already agreed to a specific price and/or paid the full price prior to the discount period, cannot claim a discount.

Refund policy

Covid-19 Power-Guarantee 2020-2022 .
Our guarantee is designed to demonstrate trust and goodwill, by placing the minimum risk of losing the deposit on you, the student, and by placing the majority of the risk of your investment on us.
The reason we are willing to take the risk is that we have faith in our students.
We ensure that your deposit is safe and be here for you when you are ready.
Your Covid-19 Four-Step "You don’t lose your deposit" Guarantee:

Guarantee Step #1:

In solidarity with the current Covid-19 crisis, all refunds requested 28 days or more before the program start date will be refunded in full given the student:
● the student needs to cancel due to COVID-19 government and/or travel restrictions on the side of the student's country of departure.
● the student needs to cancel due to COVID-19 government and/or travel restrictions on the side
of the country where the course is carried out.
● the student needs to cancel due to any COVID-19 health-related issues.
Students meeting these criteria are also welcome to transfer the payment to a later date that suits them.

Guarantee Step #2:

For those who do not meet the above criteria above but are unable to attend the course, the full deposit is transferable to another on-location/online course, retreat, or to a replacement student (sourced by the initial student). No questions asked.
Refunds or postponements, if requested within 28 days of the Yoga Course start date, are subject to a 200€ admin fee.

Guarantee Step #3:

If multiple Covid-19 related refunds are requested within the last 28 days of the course start date, and it
causes the minimum number of students to fall below 5, this will prevent Alpha Yoga School from conducting the program and:
● all received deposits will be transferable to another on-location/online course, retreat, or to a replacement student (sourced by the initial student).

And why the 28 days? As I am sure you can appreciate; booking venues, flights, and teachers are just some of the upfront costs we are responsible for. 28 days (4 weeks) gives you as much flexibility as possible, whilst giving us just 4 weeks to try to fill your spot.

Guarantee Step #4:

As a rule, we do not cancel our events. However, in the rare case that the retreat center or our teachers find themselves unable to deliver the service, we will transfer your deposit to another on-location/online course, or retreat, or you can find a replacement student (sourced by the initial student).

All deposits, made in the foreseeable future, with the Covid-19 pandemic resolved (meaning Covid-19 tests and vaccination readily available, no country lock-downs, or government travel restrictions) will be strictly nonrefundable but transferable to another course, retreat, or another person (that the student will find) irrespective of the reason for cancellation.

COVID-19 preventive measures:

In case someone has mild symptoms of COVID-19.

In case someone shows mild symptoms of the COVID-19,  they remain in their room. The hotel calls the doctor for an evaluation of the student and the doctor comes and takes blood samples of the student. The student remains in their room until the blood tests are ready and the hotel calls the Hellenic National Public Health Organization in order to declare the suspect patient and to receive further measures. When the test comes out and in case:

the student is positive to COVID, they are transferred to another hotel which is called a “quarantine hotel”.

If the symptoms get worse, he/she is not transferred to the “quarantine hotel” but straight to the hospital and treated as a COVID-19 confirmed case.
the student is negative to COVID, she/he follows the doctor’s guidance.

In case someone shows severe symptoms of COVID-19.
If the student shows severe symptoms, she/he is taken straight to the hospital as a suspect of COVID-19 and she/he will follow the doctor’s further guidance.

What happens if a student gets infected (mild or serious symptoms) during the course and has to leave or interrupt the program?

● If one or more students are tested positive during the duration of the YTT program, the program
may have to be temporarily interrupted or stopped (see conditions below).
● Then the retreat center will reimburse the student's money for the food and accommodation for the days she/he doesn't spend in the retreat center.
● If any student is quarantined in the retreat center, as ordered either by a responsible doctor or by a greek official authority, charges for food and accommodation will apply.

What happens with the yoga certification process?

Every student who is not able to finish the YTT course on location with Alpha Yoga School, due to COVID-19 related issues, will have the option:
● to come to Alpha Yoga School future locations (no tuition fees apply for the missing days only, accommodation and food costs will apply), or
● to finish the course with Alpha Yoga School ONLINE at no additional tuition cost.

Yoga Certification Requirement

The student is expected to actively participate, fulfill the given assignments, and get prepared for classes.
The student is allowed to miss a maximum of 6 contact hours during the training, regardless of the
reason. In case this happens, the student may be given an assignment.

Final written exam:

The final written exam takes place on the last day and the student must obtain a minimum of 59% of successfully answered questions.

Retake of the final written exam:

If the student does not obtain 59% of successfully answered questions, he/she will have one opportunity to retake the exam the following day. 50€ fee is applied and payable by the student on a day of a retake exam.
If the student does not obtain 59% of successfully answered questions in the retake exam, they will have a second opportunity to retake the exam within one month. This retake exam will be held online. 50€ fee is applied and payable by the student the day before the retake exam.
Upon signing up for the teacher training course your name, email address, and phone number will be forwarded to our accrediting body, Yoga Alliance Professionals YAP, and you will get a free membership with YAP for the duration of your course. Residents of the UK and Ireland are eligible to add Trainee
insurance for the duration of their course. (£15 for the UK, £20 for Ireland)

Dropping out of the course at your own will:

Signing up for a teacher training program is a huge commitment of time, energy, and money and should
be considered very carefully. If you decide to terminate your participation in the training of your own will, at any time during the training, the school provides no refund for the course fee, accommodation, and food.

Complaint Procedure:

Any individual complaints need to be made verbally to the lead teacher on the day of the incident so that they can be reflected and settled in a timely manner.
Complaints and concerns that can not be handled in the above way may be submitted in writing to [email protected]. The complaint will be addressed within 48 hours.

Code of conduct

The student is required to maintain basic rules of conduct, especially: behave respectfully, legally, safely, and ethically towards trainers, fellow students, and retreat center personnel at all times.
Students are bound to maintain silence / low voice from 9:45 pm and until 10:00 am.
The student will be held responsible for any intentional damage to the retreat center including financial consequences.

In case of Misconduct:

Alpha Yoga School and the Retreat Center reserve the right to terminate an applicant’s stay, should the applicant severely and/or repeatedly break the herewith signed terms and conditions and/or the house rules of the Retreat Center. In such cases, Alpha Yoga School and/or Retreat Center provide no refund for the course fee, accommodation, and food.

By my signature, I indicate that I have read and understood this Waiver of Liability and its content. I am aware that this is a waiver and a release of liability and I voluntarily agree to its terms.