Henrik Schmidt

Who is Henrik Schmidt?

Henrik is an experienced teacher and a humble student. He teaches primarily strong and creative vinyasa classes that are alignment and anatomy driven from a modern perspective. This is combined with an ability to take esoteric yoga philosophy and make it applicable to our lives as we live them today.
Henrik Schmidt has taught 30+ yoga courses, both 200hr and 300hr yoga courses.
He firmly believes in furthering your education and below are some (but not all) of the yoga courses he has taken throughout his career as a yoga teacher.
Henrik Schmidt owns Kendra Yoga studio in Malme, Sweden.
Once per year, usually in July, he comes and teaches in our 200-hour yoga teacher training in Evia Island. We wish we had him more often 🙂
If you are lucky enough to study with him, then you're lucky enough.

A few of Henrik's courses:

Henrik's 200hr YTT Certifications:

  • Earth Teacher Training (Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin) with Shiva Nandi and Cara Appleyard
  • 26+2 Hatha Yoga Teacher Training with Mark Drost (hot yoga)

Henrik's 300hr TYY Certifications:

  • Jason Crandell Yoga Method, San Francisco (Vinyasa)
  • Sampoorna Yoga, India (Vinyasa)
  • Raghunath (Bhakti Yoga Cultural Immersion)

Henrik's 50hr YTT Certifications:

  • Bernie Clark (Yin yoga)
  • Angela Jervis-Read (Yin yoga)
  • Tony Sanchez (Hatha)

Henrik's 500hr YTT Certification:

  • Jo Phee (Yin yoga)

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